Human Boyfriend

Human Boyfriend is so Great!

Human Boyfriend Rocks! Human Boyfriend is a Happiness Machine! Human Boyfriend is not just another Pretty, Human, Face! Human Boyfriend is a Genius! A true Intellectual; a critical, logical, big thinker. He talks to me and I become hypnotized. I like to sleep near his bed to protect him. Someday, I will be able to do so, again. It's my dream. In the meantime; I look at photos and videos of Human Boyfriend, talking and playing with me. I cry and laugh and get out of breath, watching Human Boyfriend in digital form.

My Human Boyfriend is Magnificent! He's so Handsome and Nice and Funny. Human Boyfriend pets me. I go from sadness to gladness, just at the scent of him! Human Boyfriend smells so good, all the time. I can smell him from far distances. When he's nearby; I go bonkers and run all around and sit by the front door, to greet him upon his grand entrance through the Human Boyfriend portal; as he eerily resembles a Great Wizard; walking through a wall or across a parallell universe. Human Boyfriend is the Greatest Human in the History of The World.

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